Made by Gabriel Gordbegli

This site allows you to enter up to five courses, and will attempt to return the combination of lecture sections with the most well reviewed professors and no time conflicts.

Privacy Policy

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Known bugs

to report bugs please email me (

Other Information

Review data gathered using nananananate's api. Spire data scraped using a custom script.

An average is taken for sections with multiple professors. If an instructor's score is not found in the database, they are assigned a score of 0.

The database will be updated periodically using the scrapper. (the data is stored locally so I can host on github pages for no cost)

Last Update: August 1st

(If you're UMass IT, I'm running the scrapper slowly and overnight. Please contact me at my umass email if you need me to stop. I apologize if I create any trouble as that is not my intention.)

Enjoy the site, it's still a prototype, but I hope it helps you.